Artist Statement: 

My recent work has focused on landscape embellished by light, movement, and subterranean rock forms. The goal is to provide viewers with a sense of the wholeness of nature while living indoors. 

The Farm sculptures celebrate the will to continue working the land and two of these pieces are from personal experiences. “Sunset at Black River Farm” in Boonville New York is where I spent many summers growing up. Lighting on this piece depicts the end of the farmer’s day when he is bringing in the last load of hay. When I was 16, my parents moved to “Andover Farm.” It was here that I had my first sculpture studio which is depicted in this piece. “Massapoag Farm” is my vision of how a farm would have been near Sharon’s Lake Massapoag a long time ago.

“Aquinnah” and “Cape Storm” are the first two of my Atlantic Ocean Celebration series. The focus is looking at the sweep of ocean and shore from Florida to Maine that funnels our storms and hurricanes northward. These sculptures depict the vastness of the ocean as seen looking from the shore. In both these ocean pieces, the way the sun faces the viewer is unique. To capture this energy, the sculpture is backlit as the shadows on the base come at you. The sun is casting shadows towards you in your face.

In “Cape Storm” I have incorporated a weather map and isobars. The theme is around seeing complex movement of weather from East to West and South to North which creates the cyclical Cape Storm. “Aquinnah” is of the incredible Aquinnah Cliffs and Moshup’s Beach on Martha’s Vineyard.

I first envisioned making a sculpture that could be thought of as a small garden inside a house while studying wood joinery in Japan in the 1970’s. The profusion of gardens to be walked through and the many environments of stone and gravel meant to be viewed while stationary were overwhelming and I have sought to recall and utilize some of this energy as I understand it in this recent work. The work is all carved wood forms that are assembled and then painted. The painting of this work strives to recall a particular light and color scheme consistent with the original landscape inspiration. Color and a linear type of organization drawn onto the form give the illusion of the movement of light and the ongoing eccentricity of nature.

Nick Edmondswood sculpture and artwork